About Us

Our Mission…

Promoting our clients Texas Holdem poker enjoyment and skill development through the provision of top quality Texas Holdem poker supplies

Our Goals…

To optimize your poker experience by providing high quality professional Texas Holdem poker supplies and accessories for fun at home with your family and friends.

To provide a quality service to our customers that optimizes our customer satisfaction

To provide Texas Holdem instructional products by the top name player professionals from the World Poker Tour and the World series of Poker that will enhance your Texas Holdem poker skills for home success and enjoyment or prepare you for greater success online or in the casino.

Holdempokersupplies.com is comprised of individuals who like yourself, play Texas Holdem poker at home with their friends on a regular basis. We know what is needed to optimize the home playing experience. We have sought out a quality line of products that will enhance your home Texas Holdem enjoyment. We will continue to search for quality Texas Holdem poker products with this purpose in mind.

We also compete in Texas Holdem tournaments online so understand the skill level requirements necessary to be successful in money poker games online or in casinos. We have chosen quality products from the top players in the world to provide you with quality instruction and the best chance for success in your endeavors online or in casinos. Most important, we use the Texas Holdem poker products that we sell to assist our own poker skill growth and development.