Does have specific target clientele for their Texas Holdem poker supplies and information?

A: The immediate answer is no, it is our desire to serve Texas Holdem Poker players at all skill levels. Therefore, our Texas Holdem poker products are geared toward players at all Texas Holdem skills levels. We have however, undertaken to try to provide Texas Holdem information and instruction to assist beginning and less skilled Texas Hold em poker players to increase their knowledge of Texas HolD em game and to improve their poker skills.

How are you able to offer Free Shipping?

A: We have reduced our profit margin to a bare miniumum and then based our prices on an average shipping cost per item. The knowledgeable shopper will observe that our prices are very competitive with the online Texas Holdem poker supplies market when the shipping costs are added to the competors’ prices. Large orders (multiple items) may be eligible for a further price reduction. Contact us for further information.

Are there restrictions on Free Shipping?

A: Yes. Free shipping is currently available to the Continental United States only (Excluding Alaska). Also, a minimum purchase of $50.00 is required to qualify for Free Shipping. Orders less than $50.00 are subject to a $15.00 shipping charge. Free shipping is based upon UPS Groound US Commercial(m) rates only. Any other shipping method will incur additional shipping charges.

Are other shipping options available?

A: Yes, but only for poker bracelets.

May I claim a discount price on more than one product in a single order?

Yes, if all the items in the order are eligible for the discount. If not, then only the items eligible will be credited with the discount. If the order includes two items that each qualify for a separate price discount, then only the first Discount Code entered will be acknowledged. To qualify for two different discounts, two orders will need to be submitted. Contact us for further clarification if necessary.

Are your Texas Holdem poker supplies available for sale to clients in Canada?

Yes, all of our Texas Holdem poker products can be purchased and shipped to Canada. However, poker products that are manufactured in countries outside the scope of the North American Free Trade Agreement are subject to import duties. All products are subject to the GST and any brokerage fees that may be charged by the carrier. These fees will be assessed to the purchaser upon delivery at the door.

Does Free Shipping apply to Canadian orders?

No. See our Policies page (Shipping) for our Canadian shipping charges.

Do you have a Canadian warehouse?

Not at this time, but we are actively pursuing a Canadian source for our Texas Holdem Poker Products so that the extra duties and charges assessed to Canadian clients may be reduced or eliminated.

Why would I want to buy poker chips to play poker, why not just use money?

A: Currency is difficult to stack or handle. It can take up a great deal of space on the poker table. Most Texas Holdem poker games are played with weighted poker chips. The poker chips are the same size and weight and the value of the chip is differentiated by their color. Weighted poker chips are generally easier to stack and to handle plus you can learn to do neat tricks with them while you are waiting your turn to play.

What is the difference between clay poker chips and plastic resin poker chips?

A: As the names would imply clay poker chips are made from clay (actually a composition of clay and the particular manufactures special blend of polymers) and plastic chips are from made from resin. Casino quality clay chips are considered the most desireable type of poker chip. They are the almost exclusive choice of Texas Holdem poker chip used by casinos and poker houses. They can be found in a variety of weights from 5 grams to 16 grams with 11.5 grams being the most popular. Plastic poker chips are available in a wide variety of quality levels. The higher quality plastic composite poker chips rival the clay chips for quality and appearance. It is suggested that clay chips have a softer feel and a softer sound making them more desired for use in Casinos.

What are “Lammers”?

A: Lammers are plastic, chip-shaped tokens with text written on them used in Texas Holdem poker and its variations. Most commonly used is a dealer button with either the word “DEALER” or a “D” written on it. The Dealer chip indicates whose turn it is to deal. Lammers are also used to indicate whose turn it is to pay the blinds; i.e. the big blind the small blind buttons.

What are card covers?

A: In games like Texas Holdem where all of a player’s cards are facedown on the table , players use items like specialty chips or other items to place on top of their cards to protect them from being accidentally discarded or turned up. Often the card covers are the poker player’s good luck pieces.

Why is a poker table preferable to a card table or the kitchen table?

A: The poker table has a padded felt, vinyl or nylon top. These Texas Holdem poker tables with padded tops make cards and chips easier to pick up plus dampen the sound of the chips as they are moved into the pot. They also have a padded arm rest and may have foot rests for player comfort. Their efficient design also allows up to 10 players to sit around one table with each individual having easy access to his poker chips and playing cards.For individuals who do not have room for a full size poker table, professional quality poker tabletops are also available.