This post is made for those people who are interested in purchasing a set of poker chips for home games. And usually the first thing people do is go to a poker site to ask the question: WHAT TYPE OF CHIPS SHOULD I BUY?

Well the first thing anyone should do is a little research. Drew’s Poker Chips Guide is the best resource for information about poker chips. Drew discusses the various poker chips that are currently on the market today – from custom clay sets to plastic composites. Most questions can be answered here. A poker chips weight and feel is all a matter of personal taste.

Once you have done a little research, the next question you should ask yourself is how many poker chips do I need? My suggestion is that any good poker player will start with at least 400 poker chips, with 500 being the best for poker games that include up to 10 players. Anymore than 10 players and you should just go with 1,000 poker chips and call it a day. That way, you’ll have more than enough for a poker tourney of 20 to 25 players. You always want to be able to color up (take out the smaller denominations) as the blinds get bigger. It is a real time saver. And you usually want three to four colors of poker chips. The breakdown of colors is dependent on your blind structure. The majority of your poker chips should be in the lower denominations though.

Now comes the really important question to ask yourself. How much am I willing to spend? This is mainly dependent on you and your financial situation. I make almost 80k a year, but would be hard pressed to drop $700 to $800 for custom clay poker chips. My wife would slay me. (Not that I don’t plan to do it one day though.) And there are any number of price points that can be met for a particular set of poker chips. I should know I’m on my third set of poker chips, which leads me to my point – don’t skimp just for the sake of having poker chips. If that’s the case, then go to Wal-Mart and buy the cheapo poker chips until you can affort to get the poker chips you know you’ll want for your permanent set. Poker chips are like your car. People buy poker chips that reflect their own personal sense of style. I went from Hoyle plastic chips, to 11.5g Dice poker chips, to Las Vegas Premiere Poker Chips. And I still don’t feel like I have “My” chips yet. There are some people who buy generic poker chips and have custom labels printed for them (I’m included in that bunch), which I must say is a less expensive way to have a set of customized poker chips (although it’s a pain to affix all the labels yourself).

Finally, where do I buy these chips? Well that’s the hardest part of it all. There are so many places to choose from. Most people start with Ebay. That is probably where you can get chips for the least amount of money. But the bidding process can be bothersome to people, and you’re never sure of the quality of the poker chips you’ll be receiving, or the trustworthiness of the vendor. So many opt for online poker chip merchants. And, truthfully, most places are within nickels and dimes of each other’s prices.

The more I think about it, the more I think my wife is just gonna have to deal with my wanton desire for customized poker chips. So happy shopping, and I hoped this helped answer some questions you might have about home poker chips.