In early 2010, Full Tilt Poker introduced the world to a new variant of standard poker called “Rush Poker”. Rush Poker was designed to create a massive increase in the number of hands a player can play per hour. Rather than remain on a specific table, once a player folds a hand he/she is instantly transported to a new table and dealt a new hand. The player is part of a large pool, often consisting of hundreds (or thousands!) of other players.

What Is Different From Regular Poker?

What are the advantages of playing Rush Poker, you ask? To put it simply – it’s a rush! With Rush Poker, you don’t have to wait around for hours for that perfect hand. Simply fold a hand, and a brand new hand and table awaits you. The action is nonstop, and you will be dealt a significantly higher number of hands compared to “regular” poker games. In a Rush Poker game, you will be dealt approximately 5x the amount of hands when compared to standard games.

Where Can I Play?

Rush Poker is available in all the most popular cash games formats, including No Limit Hold’em (6-max and full ring), Fixed Limit HE, Pot Limit HE, and both Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi/Lo. Hold’em.

In Standard View simply set your browser filter to Rush Poker, which is located underneath the Tournament button. Choose the game variant and the stakes you would like to play, and your game list will be populated with different Rush Poker tables to choose from. In Basic View, Rush Poker is again found underneath the Tournament option, in Step 2 of the menu.

Rush Poker is also available for tournament play; simply look for the R Rush Poker label in the Full Tilt Poker tournaments section.  While Rush tournaments feature the same lightning-fast action as the cash tables, there are a few differences – a lack of hand-for-hand play and a slowdown of table rearrangements when nearing the bubble.

Aside from your regular computer play, Full Tilt Poker has also launched Rush Poker Mobile for iOS devices such as the iPad and iPhone, and Android devices.

How Do I Play?

Once you have chosen a game to play, a three-second countdown begins, and then you are off to the races! The “Quick Fold” button will soon become you best friend, but be careful – once your click it you will be transported to a new hand and a new table, so make sure to not click it by mistake. With this button at your disposal, you can now play as fast as you want, so make sure to take advantage.

Pros and Cons of Rush Poker


Players will typically average over 200 hands per hour and, with multiple tables of Rush Poker going at once, it is possible to get over 1000 hands an hour without worrying about 30 different windows on your screen. There is also never a waitlist for Rush Poker – simply click on a table and start playing immediately.

Playing Rush Poker can also greatly help you clear your sign-up bonus, as the increased amount of hands and rake will help you earn FTP at an exponential rate.


As a result of the increased amount of hands and fast-paced action, players are at a higher risk to make simple mistakes, and because of the higher sample of hands, bad habits will show themselves more often. Since players are dealt so many hands and have the option of getting a new hand immediately, typically most players play only great hands.

Playing Tips & Strategy

  1. Focus

This one is all up to you. Focus is important in all types of online poker, but in Rush even more so than usual. Rush Poker is super-fast and, if you’re not careful, the other “fish” in the player pool will eat you alive. Also make sure you don’t accidentally click the Quick Fold option; you will not be the first person to throw away pocket Aces because you went to quickly. Of course, because of the rapid-fire speed of Rush Poker, you may see those Aces comes back more than once over the next hour!

  1. Time Management

Don’t burn yourself out by playing 1000 hands an hour for 5 hours straight! It is easy to fall into the rhythm of constant play but remember — it is also easy to get sloppy and complacent. When that starts to happen, and with the amount of hands played, it is easy for your game to go south very quickly. Take a short break if you feel your game slipping. Remember – there is no wait time and you can resume play instantly.

  1. Aggression

Just like regular poker, Rush Poker isn’t a game to just sit back and wait for those massive starting hands. People with poor cards are not likely to become involved in playing hands, as it easy to just fold and get sent to another table. Aggression usually pays off, and should help you get a feel for the table. However, you also need to know when to let go of a hand. Usually, the blinds are not worth defending, as typically players involved in a hand have strong starting hands.

  1. Tilt Control

With hundreds (or thousands) of more hands played per hour, chances are you are going to run into a cooler. Prepare yourself for the occasional pocket Kings into Aces, or set over set. The more hands you see, the higher potential for this to happen to you. Also, with more hands come more swings, so be ready.

  1. Game Weaknesses

Your weaknesses and bad habits will be multiplied thanks to the larger amount of hands you play. If you have a certain weakness affecting your play in regular games, chances are that this will affect you even more so in Rush Poker. Know your soft spots, and work to improve them.


Rush Poker is a roller coaster –- very fast, very exciting, and to some, very scary. It is also a great way for a player to get a huge amount of hands per hour. It is an incredible opportunity for skilled players to earn a lot of money, and to earn that money very quickly, and a great game for beginner players if they want to earn a lot of playing experience.

Hands per Hour Comparison

Normal Full Ring


Normal 6-Max


Rush Full Ring


Rush 6-Max


Because you can play so many more hands per hour with Rush Poker, it also much easier to earn the Full Tilt welcome bonus of $600! You can read more about the Full Tilt bonus at Redeem Bonus!

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