Making quick accurate bets requires a quick accurate count of your poker assets. Loose coins and bills are difficult to stack and keep organized in a manner that will allow you to make a quick accurate count. By not having a quick accurate count it is difficult to make a quick accurate bet which slows down play. Besides, gambling is still illegal and any blatant display of money on a poker table can create legal issues. Plastic radial chips can be stacked but because of their light weight and slippery finish they are easily knocked over. A fast moving, enjoyable game of Texas Holdem No Limit poker requires a better way to organize and manage your poker chips so that you can a quick accurate chip count and then make a quick accurate bet.

Poker chips that are weighted, have a standard diameter, with a texture that keeps them from sliding off of each other. They are easily identified and can be stacked to allow you to make a quick chip count and a quick bet. Professional quality poker chips are quality controlled to ensure a consistent weight and diameter. They are available in a variety of colors and may have labels indicating monetary denominations for easy identification. Higher end poker chips have a clay component that gives them a softer texture for a softer sound and feel when handling that keeps them from sliding off when stacked. Professional quality poker chips make your home poker game professional, more competitive and will keep the betting moving so that you and your friends can get the most enjoyment from your home poker nights

Whether you play your home Texas Holdem or other poker games in a permanent home game room, a family recreation room or in the dining room, the success of your home poker night is affected by your choice of poker chips. Here you will find an outstanding selection of poker chips to meet your individual poker needs from plastic composite chips to all clay casino grade poker chips. Unlike traditional sporting goods stores or game room supply stores that have limited space, we are a virtual store with unlimited space allowing us to offer a much bigger selection of poker chip products for sale making it easier for you to find the perfect poker chip for you. We are able to save money on things like rent, overhead and other operating cost allowing us to pass those savings on to you and allowing us to offer the best discount prices on the highest quality and most professional poker chips.