We want to give our valued customers in Canada a more economical option for purchasing our Texas Hold’em poker products. We want these products to be top professional quality. We would like all the products on this page to be shipped from within Canada thus alleviating the burden of duty and brokerage charges. This would allow our customers the comfort of knowing that the price quoted on the order form is the final purchase price with no additional surprises when their purchase arrives at their door. Well OK plus GST.

With these goals in mind, we have been searching for Canadian wholesale distributors of poker supplies. So far we have not been successful. If you are a Canadian distributor or wholesaler of Texas Holdem poker supplies or know of any such wholesaler or distributor, please contact us.

In the interim, we have been searching for products that we could provide to our Canadian customers at the best possible price with the best delivery times. We have had some success in this area and are proud to offer a Line of Championship Poker Bracelets and poker rings for sale to our Canadian customers. These products are purchased directly from the manufacturer. By purchasing directly from the manufacturer we are guaranteed a consistent supply at the best psossible prices. We will not be undersold on these items. They will be shipped via US Postal Services International flat rate boxes. This shipping option will allow for much faster delivery services and lower shipping rates. Please take time to check out our selection of Poker Champion Bracelets and Rings.