Playing cards are for sale at almost any store that you shop from corner convenience stores to game specialty shops. As result you will find a broad range of playing card qualities and prices. The cheapest cards are made from low grade cardboard that from the first shuffle, you can see them start to break down and lose their crispness. They become difficult for you to shuffle and deal and as a result affect the quality of your poker or Bridge card game. Within a few hands the edges begin to fray and the corners start to bend. If the cards get wet from a drink spill or other contact with liquid, they become instantly useless. At best, the cheapest quality playing cards will last you for one night of Bridge or Texas Holdem poker.

Playing cards with a plastic coating are more durable. These cards will give you a longer life span but will also start to break down after a short period. How soon depends on the quality of the paper from which they are made and the quality of their plastic coating. Should they get soiled, you can wash them with a damp cloth, but for the most part, any contact with liquid will ruin them as well. You might get several nights of Bridge or Texas Holdem poker out of a deck of these cards.

The most durable, most easily maintained and best quality playing cards are made from 100% plastic. If you properly maintain them, plastic playing cards will keep a new fresh appearance for many years. Here you will find an outstanding selection of poker and Bridge playing cards for sale at the best possible prices including large print playing cards for poker players with limited vision. The jumbo index playing cards help you make your poker and Bridge games more competitive and more fun by meeting the needs of all your card playing friends . Unlike traditional sporting goods stores or game room supply stores that have limited space, we are a virtual store with unlimited space allowing us to offer a much bigger selection of playing cards making it easier for you to find the perfect deck of poker or Bridge playing cards for you. We are able to save money on things like rent, overhead and other operating costs, enabling us to pass those savings on to you and allowing us to offer you the best discount prices on the highest quality and most professional poker playing cards.