William Hill Poker has a Players Club that offers loyalty rewards to frequent players. There are six different types of awards you can take advantage of:

VIP Bonus Levels
VIP Freerolls
Reward of the Month
VIP Cash Reward
VIP Points Boost
Points to Cash Converter

Each of these schemes offers bonus features to loyal members.

VIP Bonus Levels

Within the William Hill Players Club, there are ten Bonus Levels. Each level allows you to access a different bonus. In order to reach these levels, you need to accumulate a certain number of points. Below are the point totals needed to reach each level:

Level 1 – New Players
Level 2 – 500
Level 3 – 2,000
Level 4 – 5,000
Level 5 – 12,500
Level 6 – 37,500
Level 7 – 100,000
Level 8 – 250,000
Level 9 – 625,000
Level 10 – 1,000,000

VIP Freerolls

William Hill Players Club runs three freeroll tournaments each month. The VIP $1,000 Freeroll runs on the 10th of every month, the VIP $5,000 Freeroll runs on the 24th of every month and the VIP $10,000 Freeroll runs on the 27th of every month. In order to qualify for these tournaments, you need to be a certain VIP Level. If you are a level 2 or level 3, you will qualify for the VIP $1,000 Freeroll. If you are a level 4 or level 5, you will qualify for the VIP $5,000 Freeroll. If you are a Level 6 – Level 10, you will qualify for the VIP $10,000 Freeroll.

Reward of the Month

The Reward of the Month is available for players who have reached VIP level 2 or higher. The reward that you can receive is based on the level that you are currently at. If you are a VIP level 2 or VIP level 3, you are eligible for the same monthly reward. All VIP level 4 players are eligible for the same monthly reward and all players VIP level 5 and up are eligible for the same reward.

VIP Cash Reward

You can swap out your WH points for cash. The list of cash rewards and the amount of points needed to receive them are listed below.

$2.50 – 3,750 points
$5 – 7,250 points
$10 – 14,000 points
$15 – 19,500 points
$20 – 24,000 points
$25 – 28,750 points
$30 – 35,000 points
$100 – 100,000 points
$375 – 250,000 points
$1,500 – 750,000 points
$4,500 – 2,000,000 points
$15,000 – 5,900,000 points
$40,000 – 16,000,000 points
$100,000 – 35,000,000 points
$250,000 – 85,000,000 points

VIP Points Boost

The VIP Points Boost is a way for you to accumulate extra points. The number is generated based on the total number of points you accumulated in the previous month. The following is a breakdown of the percentage of VIP Points Boost added for each level.

Level 1 – 0%
Level 2 – 150%
Level 3 – 250%
Level 4 – 350%
Level 5 – 500%
Level 6 – 550%
Level 7 – 600%
Level 8 – 650%
Level 9 – 700%
Level 10 – 750%

An example of how it works is that if you reach 5,000 points in one month, the following month you will receive a VIP Points Boost of 250% of 5,000 points. The bonus for that month will be 12,500 points. These bonus points can be used for anything on the website.

Points to Cash Converter

When William Hill points are earned, they can be converted back to cash using the points to cash converter. William Hill Poker has a specific conversion chart used to cash out your points The lowest level of points that you can convert is 3,750 and the highest point total that can be converted is 85,000,000. The conversion ratio for the Points to Cash Converter is the same ratio used as the VIP Cash Reward. The only caveat is that you only have the option to convert your points into cash once per day. If any additional requests are made, only the first request will count.

This Players Club by William Hill Poker is a nice reward system for loyal grinders!

Take advantage of it by downloading William Hill Poker today!

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